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January 2011


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Dentist Stratford CT

Hi - As a new(ish) business in Stratford (Dentist) we are interested in joining the BRBC but would really appreciate it if some of the members can tell us about the tangible advantages.


Bridgeport Regional Business Council

Thank you for your response! Here are two testimonials from Stratford businesses. We hope you find them valuable, and please contact the BRBC at or (203) 335-3800 with any questions!

I would state to any potential member that being an active member in the Stratford Chamber of Commerce has been an important part of our marketing and public relations strategy. We have used the Chamber and its events to meet many well known and active people and businesses in the community. We have used those contacts to “tell our story” and to build partnerships. Our membership has brought us tangible business results and visibility we, otherwise, would not have gotten.

I would be happy to speak to any potential member if they would like to call me.

Jorge A. Santiago
Senior Vice President
The Milford Bank
(203) 783-5784


As a financial service institution, Mutual Security Credit Union has found membership in the BRBC and the Stratford Chamber of Commerce absolutely invaluable in terms of brand awareness, potential membership identification, and community outreach and business contacts.

The Monthly Membership Updates provide us with an excellent resource for potential SEG partnerships and their e-Blasts keep all personnel up-to-date with different, localized events at which we can exhibit and participate and worthwhile charities to which we can contribute.

All of our 5 branch locations belong to their respective Chambers and would whole-heartedly recommend membership to any and all new businesses as the contacts and friends you make are priceless in growing your business. The return on your membership due investment is incalculable and totally worth it!


Kevin Dolan
Mutual Security Credit Union
Marketing Department; Stratford Chamber Board of Directors Member

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